Mountain Dale Farm

Pig Party at the Farm House!

This one needs some party manner or a napkin!

This one needs some party manners or a napkin!

Well, if you weren’t invited, please don’t feel offended.  It was a very impromptu party.  We were just ready to sit down to a wonderful dinner of roasted chicken, asparagus pasta, roasted cauliflower, steamed asparagus and raisin filled cookies, when Isaac came into the house with seven little “piggy’s” in a box. They were just hours old. The momma chose to deliver her babies under the open sky as the rain began.  The cold rain sapped their energy and one was lost before Isaac found them.  We turned off the oven, put our appetites on hold and dunked the chilled piglets into a tub of warm water to bring warmth to their bodies.  Guests, Laura and Georgia Reese, were summoned early for barn chores, which began that night on the kitchen floor bottle feeding and cuddling piglets to bring up their body temperature. They also gave the hungry Hassingers a chance to eat. Thank you! A good time was had by all as you can see from the photos the party goers were fed and warmed. Late comers to the party, Stephanie Caldonis and sons Henry and Leo, said the party was quite a warm welcome to the farm. Thank you to the Reese Family, Caldonis Family, Ashley, Isaac, Levi Aurand and Hannah Felker for turning a near tragedy into a celebration. God has blessed us.

Hannah and Charlie warm and bonding.

Hannah and Charlie warm and bonding.