Mountain Dale Farm

Ellie – Jumping Hurdles

Yes, Ellie is definitely getting stronger and healthier.  Her hoof is almost returned to normal size. She has been treated for parasites and has one more treatment to go on Monday but yesterday she displayed her healthy condition when she saw me coming at meal time.  Her enthusiasm got the best of her and she jumped the side of her pen like an athlete training for the hurdles.  Let’s hope it was beginners luck and that she will have to train harder to get up and over again.

We have had quite a time with raccoons killing our guinea fowl, chickens, and hen turkey.  We have taken precaution with Ellie to cover her pen at night.  We have caught 15 raccoons in live traps and relocated them many miles from the farm. Ken wanted to make sure we were not relocating the same ones over and over so painted some tails.  If you see a red tailed raccoon,  keep him away from your small animals and corn.

In the goat pen, our black and white nanny gave birth to two adorable white kids.  New life is such an uplifting part of farm life.  Bye for now.