Mountain Dale Farm

We’re in the News

blog_schoolnewsWe really appreciate feedback from our guests, and a little free publicity is a good thing, too! The Lancaster New Era newspaper printed a submission from second-grader Mary McCafferty.

Every year, our family goes to Mountain Dale Farm, for vacation. There are chores to do every day and we help. Some of my favorite chores are feeding corn to the horses, giving oats to the bunnies an pigeons, and feeding hay to the bull from the loft of the barn. We throw hay down through a hole in the floor! We also collect warm eggs from cozy chicken’s nests. Let me warn you about chicken coops! They really don’t smell like perfume!

Next to the house where we stay, there is a big game room where we play pool, ping pong, board games and just hang out talking until late at night. Sometimes we stay up until eleven o’ clock. Then we sleep in bunk beds. I like to sleep on the top bunk.

One time, I saw tiny, adorable Beagle puppies. Their eyes were closed because they were only four days old. Another time, my brother’s friend caught a green frog, and it squirted something on him. We think it went to the bathroom!

On the last night, we made a bonfire and made tasty S’mores. YUM!

 Mountain Dale Farm is terrific!